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r a true child of ▓Alexandria; which is neither Greek, S▓yrian nor Egyptian, but a hybri●d: a joint.And with what feeling she r●eached the passage where the old ●man throws aside the ancient love-letter

▓which had so moved him and exclai●ms: ‘I go sadly out on to the balcony; anyt●hing to change this train of thought, even ▓if only to see some little movement in the ci▓ty I love, in its streets and● shops!’ Herself

pushing open the shutters ▓to stand on the dark balcony above a city of col▓oured lights:



feeling the evening wind stir● from the confines of Asia: her ●body for an instant forgotten. ● ***** ‘Prince’ Nessim is of course a ●joke; at any rate to the shopkeep▓ers and


black-coated commer.ants wh▓o saw him drawn soundlessly down the ▓Canopic way in the great silver Rolls with t▓he daffodil hub-caps.To begin with he wa●s a Copt, not a Moslem.Yet


somehow the▓ nickname was truly chosen for Ness●im was princely in his detachment f▓rom the common greed in which th▓e decent instincts of the Alexandria▓ns — even the very rich ones ?/p>



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    ?foundered▓.Yet the factors which gave him a reputatio●n for eccentricity were neither▓ of them remarkable to those who

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    had ●lived outside the Levant.He did no▓t care for money, except to spend it● — that was the first: the second was that?/p>

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    ?he did not own a gar.onnière, and a●ppeared to be quite faithful to▓ Justine — an unheard of state of affairs.As ●for

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money, being so inordinat●ely rich he was possessed by a ▓positive distaste for it, and would▓ never carry it on his person.He spen▓t in Arabian fashion and gave notes of▓ hand to shopkeepers; night-●c


lubs and restaurants accepted his sign●ed cheques.Nevertheless his deb▓ts were punctually honoured,▓ and every morning Selim his secreta●ry was sent out with the car to trace the ●route of the previous day and to pay an


y de▓bts accumulated in the course of it.This▓ attitude was considered eccentri▓c and high-handed in the


extreme by the inhabi▓tants of the city whose coarse and

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d●erived distinctions, menial preocc▓upations and faulty

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